These are very detailed instructions and may be initially daunting. Believe us, it will take longer to read the instructions than to actually renew!  But we wanted to make sure that the process is well understood for those who are not familiar with online forms!


You may wish to print out this page to have it with you during the renewal process.


PLEASE NOTE: All renewed volunteer memberships will be marked as pending and will only be approved upon review of volunteer hours from the previous year. If you repeatedly fail to complete your volunteer hours, you may only be able to renew at the non-volunteer level.


If you were an active BAA member before June of 2012 we automatically created an online profile for you in our system! But even though the system recognizes your name, we have not created a personal password for you. You will need a password in order to change or renew your membership and your associated information.


Here are the preliminary steps you will need to take in order to set your password and then renew your membership:

Setting your password:

  1. In the top right-hand corner of this website you will see two log-in boxes (for email and password) as well as a link which says "Forgot password". Please click on the "Forgot password" link. This will bring up a page which asks you for your email address and asks you to type some letters and numbers for security purposes. Please use the email address you've been using for BAA communications. When you click the "submit" button it will tell you that password reset instructions have been sent to your email address.

  2. Go to your email and check your inbox for the email from Buenaventura Art Association which says "Choose a new password for your Buenaventura Art Association Account". Open that email and follow the instructions. It will instruct you to click on the link within the email to reset your password. That link will take you to a page which will give you the opportunity to enter a new password. When you have set your password a message will appear which says, "Password has been changed successfully. Now you can log in with new password." Go back to the home page by clicking on the link that says "Home".

Now that you have your password you can log in and renew your membership.


If you are renewing your membership after  your due date:


  1. Log in to the website by entering your email address and new password into the log-in boxes in the top right hand corner.

  2. If you are renewing after your renewal date you will see a linked message that pops up on the bottom right hand corner of the page that says "Membership renewal overdue". Click on that linked message.

  3. If you are more than two weeks overdue your message may say "Membership has lapsed". Click on that button or linked message to renew.

  4. You will be taken to your profile page. On that page are two buttons related to your renewal. One says "Change Membership Level" the other says "Renew until {date}". If you wish to change your membership level, for instance, from the Exhibiting Member level (volunteer) to the Exhibiting Contributor level (non-volunteer), click on "Change Membership Level". If you wish to remain at the level of your current membership, click "Renew until {date}" where the stated date will be your new renewal date. You will have the opportunity to add or remove the bin fee and/or the website fee after  you click one of these two buttons. You will not be able to change these selections by clicking the "Edit Profile" button. The "Edit Profile" button will only allow you to change contact information.

  5. On this next page you will be able to add or remove the bin fee and/or the website fee by checking (clicking) or unchecking the boxes next to these choices. You will also be able to place check marks next to the volunteer jobs you prefer. You may need to scroll down the page to find these choices. When you are finished, click the button that says "Update and next".

  6. This next page will be your final chance to review your choices for membership level and other fees. If they are correct, click the button which says "Confirm and proceed with payment". If you wish to change your mind, click the "Back" button and make the changes on the previous page.

  7. When you have clicked "Confirm and proceed with payment" you will see a final payment message. To pay online with your credit card or your Paypal account, click "Pay online". This will take you to the Paypal payment portal.

  8. If you don't have a Paypal account you can still pay here with your credit card. Click on the link that says "Don't Have a Paypal Account?". This will open a form where you can enter your credit card information (this form may already be open). When you're finished submitting your information on Paypal, you're done!

















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